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Hiker Hounds Climbing Rope Collar

Type: Collars

Hiker Hounds is a brand we love at Murphy & Bailey.  We first got the know the HH team through dog walking - Bailey had the best craic with the HH crew on adventures, when his mum was off gallivanting on holidays.

All products are hand-made in Co Down, Northern Ireland, and are inspired by some of their favourite places to walk and explore around the country.

This range of collars is made using new climbing rope. This makes them extremely sturdy and durable with the added bonus of vibrant colours! 

All fixings are made of heavy duty quality products to ensure durability

Matching Leads are also available

We recommend buying a collar that has at least a 2cm space bigger than your dog's neck size.  

SIZES: (approximate measurements due to handmade nature.) 

-XS- 20-29cm, 1.5cm wide, suggested for Chihuahua and toy breeds. 
-S- 29cm-40cm, 1.5cm or 2.5cm wide options, suggested for Dachshund, Schnauzer, Yorkie, JRT. 
-M- 36cm-52cm, 2.5cm wide, suggested for small Collie, Spaniel, Beagle. 
-L- 42cm-64cm, 2.5cm wide, suggested for Labrador, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgeback