Calming Aid Soft Chew Supplements

Type: Calming

Calming Aid Soft Chew Supplement uses a natural blend of nutritional ingredients and vitamins (including: ginger, chamomile and Vitamin B1) to help keep your dog’s stress levels balanced during anxious situations.

 Ideal for nervous dogs with separation issues, fireworks & thunderstorms, car travel and visits to the groomer or vet, this natural remedy helps to keep your dog calm and peaceful. 

Feeding Guide: (For dogs over 12 weeks of age)

Give the recommended amount once daily 30 minutes prior to stressful situations.  Do not exceed double the amount in a 12-hour period.

SMALL DOG (up to 5kg) 1 soft chew

MEDIUM DOG (5 – 45kg) 2-3 soft chews

LARGE DOG (over 45kg) 4 soft chews

Calming Aid Soft Chew Supplements is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.