Dog Collar - Natural / Black Leather

Type: Dog Collars


Benji + Moon's genuine Leather Dog Collars are made from high quality vegetable-tanned leather and heavy-duty hardware.

Please note the tab does not move/is not adjustable.

Why vegetable-tanned leather? Vegetable tanning is a slow artisanal process using tannic acids that are naturally found in plants. This means no nasty toxins are used in the tanning process. It also offers high durability and strength and a more natural and organic look. It's the perfect choice for your dog's health and the environment. 


Buckle to first hole: 24 cm - to last hole 32 cm Length 36.5 cm x 1.4 cm Width


Buckle to first hole: 33.5 cm - to last hole 41.5 cm Length 50cm x 2.2cm Width


Buckle to first hole: 40 cm - to last hole 49 cm Length 52cm x 2.5cm Width

Extra Large

Buckle to first hole: 59 cm - to last hole 68.5 cm Length 75cm x 3cm Width


Handcrafted in South Africa by master saddle makers.