Doggy Rade


Low-calorie rehydration drink for dogs

Make your dog’s day with this refreshing, energy-boosting, isotonic drink with a great chicken taste your dog will love.

DoggyRade is an isotonic drink that encourages fast hydration in dogs. It increases fluid intake, helping dogs to rehydrate quickly after exercise. The delicious taste and smell encourage them to drink the recommended amount, providing the water, minerals and nutrients to facilitate the replacement of what the body uses during exertion.

Water alone does not replace lost electrolytes. DoggyRade contains the necessary electrolytes to help dogs rehydrate and contains prebiotics which help to support gut health, improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

Give your dog DoggyRade with its thirst-quenching effect, as a low-calorie reward or treat at any time. It caters for all dogs, especially those who have been exercising or working.