Hiker Hounds Martingale Collar

Type: Collars

Hiker Hounds is a brand we love at Murphy & Bailey.  We first got the know the HH team through dog walking - Bailey had the best craic with the HH crew on adventures, when his mum was off gallivanting on holidays.

All products are hand-made in Co Down, Northern Ireland, and are inspired by some of their favourite places to walk and explore around the country.

Martingale collars are usually found on sighthounds such as whippets and greyhounds, but they make fantastic collars for a lot of different types of dogs! 

They work by tightening and slackening with pressure, and shouldn't choke or put the same pressure on the throat as a standard collar,  provided they are fitted correctly

These standard Greyhound martingale sizes fits 33cm to 43cm neck width, with the Whippet size being a little smaller, fitting 25cm - 36cm 

Matching Leads are also available