Paw-Tection Travel Stick

Type: Paw Balm


This handy "chap-stick" sized Paw-Tection Travel Stick is a 100% natural topical balm

This balm creates a moisturising barrier, protecting your pups paws from everyday damage, such as hot surfaces like gravel, sand and pavements,in the summer, to the harsh winter elements, such as road grit, ice and snow.

If you can, apply 2-3 times daily - use a generous amount around the area - before bed is ideal - and you can minimise licking off by distraction techniques! But not harm done if your dog licks it off, as the all natural ingredients will not do any harm if ingested.

Essential oils like ylang ylang and lavender help soothe irritation and balance dryness while supple mango butter combat free radicals and deeply moisturises paw pads.