Adios Plastic Compostable Poo Bags


Extra Strong Poo Bags Made from Plants! 

Unscented and made from all natural renewable resources

Poo bags made from plants that naturally breakdown leaving zero waste behind!

Compostable bags certified to EN13432 standards: will naturally break down back into the environment

20 Microns thick, totally leak proof
Large enough for dogs of all sizes

Bags come retail packed in FSC approved cardboard

Handle Bags are extra large at 36cm x 18cm

Bags are made 100% from plants:
40% Corn-starch
50% PBAT (a biodegradable random copolymer)
9.99% edible plant glycerine
0.01% Water based inks

All of which are completely plant-based materials and certified to EN13432 standards to be 100% compostable.  The corn that is used in the process to make these bags is the “spoilt” corn which is dropped on the factory floors and inedible.