ANXIOUS Padded Harness

Type: Harness

This dog harness is easy to wear and adjust with quick snap buckles ensures ease of use when putting on and taking off with fully adjustable straps around the body. 
Perfect for walking, hiking, great for running and jogging 

Our padded harness has 2 anti corrosion D rings on the dogs chest and back, if your dog pulls you can attach our double ended lead to the chest and back ring to control your dog. This also enables no stress in the dogs neck. Our harness is designed to evenly distribute their force when pulling or lunging .

Our safety feature include in our nylon webbing a reflective material to ensure good visibility for dark winter nights.

Size 1 suitable for Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Poodles & Chihuahua sized dogs (Girth max 45cms)

Size 2 suitable for Toy Poodles, Poochons, Yorkipoo, Miniature Pinscher & Mini Dachshund sized dogs (Girth max 60cms)

Size 3 Ideal for Cocker Spaniels, Cockerpoos, Dachshunds. Girth max 65cms Lower neck size approx 36cms

Size 4 Ideal for Salukis, Greyhounds, French Bulldog, Spaniels & Collies sized dogs. (Girth max 70 cms)

Size 5 Ideal for Labradors, German Shepard’s, Boxers (Girth max 82cms)