Bandana - Giants Pawsway

Type: Bandanas

A labour of love !

Designed and made in Northern Ireland , perfect for a pooch from Northern Ireland or with connections to Northern Ireland - or just a super stylish urban dog !

Giants Pawsway - featuring the famous hexagonal stones from the North Coast. Giants Causeway is Northern Ireland's most famous landmark and an official Unesco Heritage site.  The story goes that Irish giant Finn MacCool built the causeway to get to Scotland and battle a rival giant !

Sizes: approx. as handmade

XS 15cm long , collar opening 2cm (e.g.Miniatures / Chihuahua )

S 20cm long, Collar opening 3cm ( e.g.Maltese / Dachshund / Lhasa apso / Bichon)

M 25cm long , Collar opening 4cm (e.g.Beagle / Cairn Terrier / Cavalier / Cocker)

L 30cm long , Collar opening 4cm (e.g Labrador / Collie / Retriever )

XL on request 

100% Cotton. 

Hand wash or cool wash