Bandana - The Ulster Fry

Type: Bandanas

A labour of love !

Designed and made in Northern Ireland , perfect for a pooch from Northern Ireland or with connections to Northern Ireland - or just a super stylish urban dog!

The Ulster Fry - For foodies everywhere - a full cooked breakfast is how we start our days in Belfast! Starring potato bread and soda bread with eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms & beans ... no black pudding here!

Sizes: approx. as handmade

XS 15cm long, collar opening 2cm (e.g.Miniatures / Chihuahua )

S 20cm long, Collar opening 3cm ( e.g.Maltese / Dachshund / Lhasa apso / Bichon)

M 25cm long, Collar opening 4cm (e.g.Beagle / Cairn Terrier / Cavalier / Cocker)

L 30cm long, Collar opening 4cm (e.g Labrador / Collie / Retriever )

XL on request 

100% Cotton. 

Hand wash or cool wash