Elwin Quilted Raincoat

Type: Coat

Available in Navy and Olive green 

A true classic, the Elwin made its debut on the catwalk alongside canine couture outfits by Ben de Lisi and Vivienne Westwood and quickly became a celebrity favourite.

Now this all-season raincoat has been relaunched under LISH, the private designer label of founder and creative director Lilly Shahravesh.

With windproof and waterproof quilting and corduroy trim, the Elwin has a bright lining and smart hindquarter pocket.

Soft cotton corduroy edging
Quilted with contrast red (Navy) or orange (Olive) lining
Hand-crafted in England
Adjustable waistband
Exclusive LISH design

Size                         Length                       Adjustable Girth

10"                         29cm (9")                   31-38cm (12.5-15")    For Pups/ Mini/ Daxi

12"                         35cm (13.75")            49-59cm (19.25"-23.25")  Pug/ Jack/ Bichon

14".                        40cm (15.75")            56-68cm (22.5"-26.75")  Cockapoo/ Lhasa

22"                         56cm (22")                 66cm (26")  Whippet / Italian Greyhound


Please note that dogs should be measured before ordering - please measure or contact us for more information