Sheepskin Delicate Shampoo (100ml)

Type: Shampoo

Mild and natural sheepskin and wool shampoo. Can be used for machine and hand washing.

This shampoo gently cleans and conditions the sheepskin without the harmful chemicals found in most detergents.  Rich in Lanolin the shampoo from the Irish Woollen workshop will help keep your sheepskin pet beds in fantastic natural condition.

Washing Instructions

Fill washing machine / or bathtub for very large beds) and add detergent

Soak for 1 hr and squeezing soap through (if not in machine)

Spin dry to remove excess water and lay over a rack or rail (keep away from direct heat)

When nearly dry give it a good shake and brush if required

*May take 2-3 days to dry*

If you don't want to wash the whole skin, fill a spray bottle with water and some of the detergent , spritz mixture on to fur and blot off with a clean cloth