Sheepskin Pet Bed

Type: Bed

Our beautiful sheepskin pet beds are made from Irish sheepskins from the North West of Ireland in the county of Sligo by our partners The Irish Woollen Workshop.

Great for pets of any age, sheepskin wool keeps your dog or cat warm in winter and cool in summer.

This pet bed will last for years and is a sustainable and biodegradable choice.  

The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, whilst aiding muscle & pain relief. 

Your sheepskin bed needs minimal care to clean, by brushing and shaking them out.

  • Sheepskin wool does not shed, because it’s attached to the skin. 
  • Naturally resists snags, tears, wrinkles, soiling and pilling.
  • Stays warm even when wet.
  • Is a natural moisturiser due to the high content of lanolin in the wool.
  • Sheepskin is washable – hand or gently machine-washed (see Care label)

Sheepskin is a recycled by-product


Base Centre Measurements:

Extra Small - 40cm

Small - 50cm    

Medium - 60cm  

 Large - 80cm

(raised rim adds around additional 5cm)


Customer pictures for size reference:

Mollie the Lhasa Apso pup is pictured in a Small White

Nala the Bernadoodle is pictured in a Large Black Tipped/Moufflon

Veda the Irish Wheaten Terrier is pictured in a Medium Grey 

Lucky & Bailey the Cockapoos love to share their bed, and are pictured in a Large Caramel 

Margot the Whippet is pictured in a Medium Grey 



 These beds ship as heavyweight :

Small beds ship at £9.99 and medium / large ship at £13.00

Please allow 1-3cm base measurement variation due to the natural properties of this product

The sheepskin acts as a natural cushion and so the bed does not contain any additional stuffing or synthetic filling

The Moufflon coloured beds (Black Tipped) are darker than pictured in the first product image, for correct colour of current stock please see customer picture with Nala the Bernadoodle. 

Please contact the shop team for any enquiries