Waterproof collar - 100 Aker Woods

Type: Dog Collars

Introducing our Winnie The Pooh Collection! Treat your pup to the magic of Disney with these products that feature beloved Disney Characters, adding a touch of enchantment to your dog's accessories. 

Stylish and practical waterproof collar, perfect for your water-loving pup!

Available in 3 sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium. 


  • Odour resistant + super easy to clean
  • Sturdy metal D ring coated in durable coloured plastic for lead/ID Tag attachment
  • Matching character collar charm


Extra Small 22cm-30cm (width approx 2cm)

Small 28cm-43cm  (width approx 2cm)

Medium 33cm-51cm (width approx 2cm)

All of our products have been lab tested here in the UK, undergoing sudden impact and pull tests.The sudden impact weights were used to replicate the sudden pulling on the products by a dog.