W'Zis The Triple Refill Pack

Type: Dog Treats

A pack containing 3 refill packs, one of each flavour and each with 50g of product.

These 100% natural, grain-free, plant-based treats have a deliberately firm texture and angular profile to prolong the eating time and promote teeth cleaning. But you can afford to be generous; these healthy morsels only contain 1 calorie per treat, perfect for training. 

What do they taste like?
There are three uniquely named flavours, each with its own identity.

Postman & Roast You won’t find a whiff of a postman in here, more like something akin to smokey (vegan) bacon, or should that be facon? The rest is all vegetable goodness; sweet potatoes, pea, tomato, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Slipper & Biscuit The green and yellow colours are flavoured with pooch favourite peanut butter. The contrasting green is the natural result of adding broccoli and breath freshening apple. 

Lamp Post & Chips These have a more gentle flavour profile. The splendid blueberry colour comes from the inclusion of purple sweet potato. 

For full ingredients and composition please check the individual tin listings

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