Why sheepskin is perfect for your pets bed ...

Why sheepskin is perfect for your pets bed ...

Why sheepskin is perfect for your pets bed ...

When we started our search for the perfect material to make our pet beds we had no idea we would find it right on our doorstep !

We wanted beds that would be loved by pets and their owners, so they needed to look great, feel great, be made in a sustainable way AND we needed something with additional benefits that would make them something special.  The answer was ....genuine Irish sheepskin.

Sourced from the North-West of Ireland where the sheepskin is graded in the top 5% in the world , we teamed up with a workshop in Sligo who; with over 32 years experience really know their sheepskin and hand check each individual piece for imperfections before final crafting.

Sheepskin is a recycled by-product , sustainable and 100% biodegradable, not that you would be needing to throw it away any time soon as it is an immensely durable material designed to last for years, a real return on investment.

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, sheepskin is great for pets of any age as its fibres breathe to act like a natural thermostat.

The lanolin in the wool acts as a natural moisturiser, keeping your pets coat glossy, and it also deters bacterial growth and other irritants (like bugs) - it is often used as key ingredient in flea / tick control sprays.   

Our beds are not only designed to look great, but will help your pets feel great. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head/neck support whilst relieving muscle pain as real wool helps distribute pressure more evenly.

Finally caring for sheepskin couldn't be simpler, a good brush and a shake (you can even use your dog grooming brush) should keep it looking pristine and as required you can hand / machine wash on a cool setting.

Now you know why we love them,  we hope you love them too !

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Murphy & Bailey  


PS Our beds come in three sizes and five colours , something to suit every home