Wilderdog Climbing Rope Leads

Type: Dog Leads

These 1.5m quick-clip leashes are made with 8mm, durable rock climbing rope trusted by climbers - you’ll always have the strongest grip on your pup!

The quick clip secures to your dog's collar with a trigger snap mechanism for easy on and off - best for everyday walks!

  • 5 feet / 1.5m in length
  • Made with tightly spun, polypropylene/polyester rope (look for "R" in the product title for reflective strands.
  • Durable, nickel trigger snap attachment
  • Suitable for all size dogs


  • Available in 5 foot h
    • Weight of 5’ leash: 6.4 oz
  • Made with 3/8" tightly spun, polypropylene/polyester rope
  • 1.5oz, 55 mm x 90 mm aluminum locking carabiner attachment - rated for 17Kn
  • Made for medium sized or larger dogs


  • Wash the rope by hand in your bathtub or a large bucket. Use warm water and mild soap (not detergent). Thoroughly swish the rope around, then drain the dirty water. Repeat until the water runs clean. Hang to dry, uncoiled, away from direct sunlight.
  • Or, remove the carabiner (if applicable) and toss in the wash on gentle and hang to dry.
  • No chewing!

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